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SIGBED Review, Volume 15, Number 4, August 2018
Special Issue on 1st ESWeek Workshop on Declarative Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (DECPS 2017)


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Special Issue on 1st ESWeek Workshop on Declarative Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (DECPS 2017)

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Special Issue on 1st ESWeek Workshop on Declarative Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems (DECPS 2017)

Introduction to the Special Issue

Welcome to the First ESWeek DECPS Workshop, which took place at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, South Korea, on October 19, 2017. Declarative programming (functional, logic, rule-based, constraints, dataflow, and visual) has several advantages over imperative programming. For example, using the functional reactive programming (FRP) paradigm over the imperative programming style found in languages such as C/C++/C# and Java for implementing embedded and CPS software allows the programmer to intuitively describe safety-critical behaviors of the system, thus lowering the chance of introducing bugs in the design phase. Its stateless nature of execution does not require the use of synchronization primitives like mutexes and semaphores, thus reducing the complexity in programming. However, accurate response time analysis of FRP-based controllers remains a largely unexplored problem. Furthermore, efficient runtime architectures and execution platforms for FRP and programs implemented in other declarative languages are nearly absent. Virtualization and hierarchical scheduling need to be explored as well.

To address these and other relevant issues for the emerging declarative programming paradigm for real-time and cyber-physical systems, this timely workshop serves as a forum for presenting work and exchanging ideas in the programming, response time analysis, scheduling, verification, execution, and performance evaluation of embedded controllers and CPS components implemented as declarative programs. The workshop is currently the only venue with a focus on both declarative programming as well as CPS and follows the success of the DPRTCPS Workshop at RTSS 2015 and DCPS Workshop at CPSWeek 2016.

DECPS 2017 was made possible by the hard work of many people: members of the Program Committee, the authors who submitted their work, and all the attendees. The technical program included 3 peer-reviewed papers. Altogether, we assembled a technical program with high quality, depth and breadth that is a showcase of the most recent trends in this emerging field.

Albert M. K. Cheng, DECPS 2017 PC Chair

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