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SIGBED Review, Volume 2, Number 1, January 2005
Special Issue on the Best of Sensys 2004 Work-in-Progress


Introduction to the Special Issue
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Special Issue: Special Issue on the Best of Sensys 2004 Work-in-Progress

Introduction to the Special Issue:

In accordance with the objective of SIGBED review to introduce to the community ongoing work in the field of embedded systems within a quick turn-around time, the editors present this issue that focuses on ongoing work in the growing area of embedded sensor networks. The field of sensor networks has recently become one of the most quickly expanding research directions in distributed emdedded systems. The primary systems conference on sensor networks is ACM SenSys. In November 2004, the 2nd ACM Sensys was held in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to full-length papers, ACM SenSys 2004 included a poster session that highlighted recent and ongoing research in the area. The purpose of this session was to provide a quick forum for feedback to the authors and introduce results early to the community. The first author on posters was required to be a student. Following the conference, the SIGBED Review nominated the best posters for extension and publication as a 6-page paper. This issue presents the extended manuscripts of the best posters of ACM Sensys 2004. The selection of best posters was done by the editors of SIGBED Review based on the quality of the extended abstract, the quality of the presented poster itself, and a short interview with the student author at ACM SenSys regarding their work.

Tarek Abdelzaher
Special Issue Editor

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Invited Short Contributions: Best of ACM SenSys 2004 Work-in-Progress

Newsletter Editors:

Welcome to the SIGBED Review. The peer-reviewed quarterly publication provides a dissemination forum for research on embedded computing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, embedded software, embedded system architecture, model-based design, distributed real-time middleware, real-time architectures, feedback control, low-power computing, sensor networks, security, and embedded applications. Submissions on these and other topics should be sent by e-mail to Tarek Abdelzaher, .

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