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SIGBED Review, Volume 4, Number 1, January 2007
Special Issues on The Second Workshop on Embedded System Education (WESE)


Introduction to the Special Issue
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Special Issue: The Second Workshop on Embedded System Education (WESE)

Introduction to the Special Issue:

This special issue of SIGBED Review represents extended papers of the best papers and presentations from the Second Workshop on Embedded System Education (WESE 2006), held with EMSOFT 2006 in October 2006. The workshop consisted of multiple sessions focusing on embedded systems education programs and consortia; embedded systems courses and curricula issues; embedded systems hardware and methodologies; and embedded systems curricula, programs and projects.

The organizing and program committees and additional reviewers selected sixteen papers for inclusion in the WESE2006 workshop from international academic and industrial authors. The best eight papers were selected for publication in this special issue of SIGBED review. The selection process for inclusion in the SIGBED Review was primarily peer review from the initial manuscripts. International coverage and a well rounded set of educational experiences were secondary considerations.

Special Issue Editors:
Jeff Jackson

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Special Issue: Special Issues on the 2nd Workshop on Embedded System Education (WESE2006)

Newsletter Editors:

Welcome to the SIGBED Review. The peer-reviewed quarterly publication provides a dissemination forum for research on embedded computing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, embedded software, embedded system architecture, model-based design, distributed real-time middleware, real-time architectures, feedback control, low-power computing, sensor networks, security, and embedded applications. Submissions on these and other topics should be sent by e-mail to Tarek Abdelzaher,

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