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SIGBED Review, Volume 15, Number 5, October 2018
Special Issue on Advances in IoT Architecture and Systems (AIoTAS'18)


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Special Issue on Advances in IoT Architecture and Systems (AIoTAS'18)

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Special Issue on Advances in IoT Architecture and Systems (AIoTAS'18)

Introduction to the Special Issue

This special issue contains papers which were accepted and presented as part of the 2nd Workshop on Advances in IoT Architecture and Systems (AIoTAS), held in conjunction with the International Symposium of Computer Architecture (ISCA) at Los Angeles USA on 03rd June, 2018. The workshop aims to provide a platform to discuss and deliberate on ideas, outcome of experiments and experiences in multitude of issues that this field faces. This workshop provides a working forum for researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry with the goal of discussing and solving crucial issues those related to the design and implementation of successful IoT systems, and thus advance the cause of engineering in IoT.

The papers presented in this workshop cover various aspects of an IoT system, including broad areas such as IoT Architecture, Sensor and Sensing Technologies, Actuator and Actuation Technologies, Low-power and Energy Harvesting Devices, IoT Data Analytics, etc.

IoT or Internet of Things embodies multi-disciplinary engineering issues. Dr Schuyler Eldridge of IBM Research, USA delivered the keynote talk titled "System Architectural Support for AI at the Edge", highlighting the issues and challenges for using AI on IoT Architecture. Dr Eldridge presented an overview of the on-going work on Edge Architecture at the IBM Research Lab which addresses various issues like energy optimization, network reliability, real-time characteristics of applications running on such network, etc.

Organizers of AIoTAS-2018,

Ansuman Banerjee, ISI Kolkata, India
Himadri Sekhar Paul, TCS Research & Innovation, India
Chayan Sarkar, TCS Research & Innovation, India.

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