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SIGBED Review, Volume 4, Number 3, July 2007
Special Issues on the Workshop on Wireless Sensor Network Architecture (April 2007)


Introduction to the Special Issue
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Special Issue: The Workshop on Wireless Sensor Network Architecture (April 2007)

Introduction to the Special Issue:

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), that consist of thousands of low-cost sensor nodes, have been used in many promising applications, such as military surveillance, infrastructure protection, scientific exploration and smart environments. Researchers in this area have accumulated a large portfolio of network services and middleware, effectively addressing a wide range of individual research problems. However, because of the limited understanding on how to integrate these components effectively, the sensor network community faces an urgent and challenging question of how to build sensor network systems efficiently. To address the challenge, this special issue of SIGBED Review presents novel ideas on architecture-level services and protocol interfaces, program abstractions, network function decomposition, partitioning and tasking, high-level engineering of sensor network protocols, and IP integration for wide-area sensor networks.

We would like to thank all of the authors for choosing SIGBED Review as a forum for the communication of their research results. We would also like to thank the SIGBED Review Editors for their coordination.

Special Issue Editors:
Tian He and John A. Stankovic

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Special Issue: Special Issues on The Workshop on Wireless Sensor Network Architecture, April 2007

Newsletter Editors:

Welcome to the SIGBED Review. The peer-reviewed quarterly publication provides a dissemination forum for research on embedded computing. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, embedded software, embedded system architecture, model-based design, distributed real-time middleware, real-time architectures, feedback control, low-power computing, sensor networks, security, and embedded applications. Submissions on these and other topics should be sent by e-mail to Tarek Abdelzaher,

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