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SIGBED Review, Volume 16, Number 2, July 2019
Special Issue on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop 2018 (MCPS'18)


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Special Issue on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop 2018 (MCPS'18)

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Special Issue on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop 2018 (MCPS'18)

Introduction to the Special Issue

MCPS'18, the 8th Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop, was a one-day event co-located with CPS Week 2018 in Porto, Portugal. The objective of the workshop was to provide opportunities for researchers, industrial practitioners, caregivers, and government agencies to demonstrate innovative development methods and tools, present experience reports, discuss open challenges, and explore ideas for future development of MCPS. Contributions were solicited on all aspects of system development, including specification, design, analysis, implementation, documentation, and certification of Medical CPS. Demonstrations of existing tools for design and analysis of Medical CPS were also encouraged.
Topics of interest included:

This year's edition included:

We would like to thank the PC members for doing such a great job in writing high-quality reviews and participating in the electronic PC discussion. We would like to thank all authors who submitted their work to another successful edition of the MCPS workshop. We are grateful to the CPS Week Organisation Committee, who hosted our workshop. The logistics of our job as Program Chairs were facilitated by the EasyChair system. We thank the editors of ACM SIGBED who accepted the papers for publication.

MCPS 2018 Co-Chairs

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