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SIGBED Review, Volume 13, Number 4, September 2016
Special Issue on 14th International Workshop on Real-Time Networks (RTN 2016)


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Special Issue on 14th International Workshop on Real-Time Networks (RTN 2016)

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Below is a list of upcoming events of interest to embedded systems community. Not all of the events below are supported by ACM SIGBED. SIGBED sponsors a variety of events related to embedded systems development. The list of currently sponsored events is avalable here. If you would like your event to be considered for sponsorship, please contact SIGBED officers.

Contributed Paper

Special Issue on 14th International Workshop on Real-Time Networks (RTN 2016)

Introduction to the Special Issue

The international workshop on Real-Time Networks (RTN) is a satellite workshop of the Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS). The14th edition of RTN took place on the 5th of July 2016 in Toulouse, France. RTN 2016 focuses on the current technological challenges around real-time network infrastructures either between chips or on-chip (NoC). The RTN workshop provides a relaxed forum for both industrial and academic participants to present and discuss new ideas, new research directions and to review current trends in the area of real-time networks and NoC: real-time NoC, real-time message scheduling and mapping over off and on-chip networks (Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay, NoC, etc.), real-time applications (automotive, aerospace, multimedia, etc.), performance evaluation, simulation and modeling tools of real-time networks (automotive, aerospace, multimedia, etc.), networked embedded systems and sensors, cyber-physical systems, internet of things, real-time network management and time synchronization, Wireless technologies and Sensor Networks (WSNs) and applications.

RTN 2016 featured two keynote speakers, delivering state-of-the-art presentations on a topic related to NoC. Professor Jens Sparsø (Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Technical University of Denmark) gave a talk on Argo - An area-efficient time-division-multiplexed network-on-chip for real-time multicore platforms. Benoît Dupont de Dinechin (CTO at Kalray) gave a talk on Guaranteed Services of the NoC and DDR Memory of the MPPA. We would like to warmly thank them for their exciting keynotes.

In addition to the keynotes, 10 papers were presented. 35 reviews were achieved in one week for 13 submissions from 7 countries in Europe. So we would like to thank all members of the Program Committee for their valuable efforts and high quality reviews in a very tight schedule. We also would like to thank Jean-Dominique Decotignie, Paul Pop and Wolfgang Puffitsch for chairing a session and thus making RTN 2016 a successful event. We also would like to thank all the authors of the submitted papers and all the participants who contributed in making RTN 2016 an exciting workshop. Finally, note that RTN 2016 was also made possible thanks to the support of CEA LIST and the University of Toulouse - IRIT/INPT/ENSEEIHT.

Jean-Luc Scharbarg and Mathieu Jan,
RTN 2016 workshop chairs

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